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Kick-off del proyecto LIFE SPOT

The LIFE SPOT project starts: Green solutions for treating Groundwater pollution to meet drinking water Directive standards

It aims to develop a system, which combines the action of algae and bacteria with cork, to reduce nitrates, pesticides and pollutants emerging from groundwater by up to 80%.


The LIFE SPOT consortium, led by IRTA, is made up of IDAEA-CSIC, Eurecat, Protecmed, FACSA and Nenuphar.

The project will build and operate two pilot microalgae-cork treatment plants, one with a capacity of 10 m3 a day and another of 1 m3 a day. The two pilot plants will use the action of light to grow the microalgae and bacteria, a filtration system based on granulated cork and the separation of the microalgae by flotation for their subsequent recovery.

The idea is to develop a sustainable process that treats water contaminated with nitrates, pesticides and emerging substances in drinking water for the needs of the rural population and livestock. A performance of nitrate removal of at least 60-80% in water containing between 50 and 150 mg / L of nitrates, and of a 60-100% on chemical contaminants.

In addition, the improvements planned from this project incorporate other benefits, such as valorization of excess microalgae filtered for composting (or biogas) and animal feed.

To closely follow its development: the web lifespotproject.eu.