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leached osmosis

PROTECMED starts up the CMR de Loeches leachate and wastewater treatment plant

PROTECMED starts up the treatment plant for liquid waste and leachates generated in the CMR Environmental Complex of the Mancomunidad del Este in Loeches. The treatment system consists of a first physical-chemical phase followed by a two-stage reverse osmosis concentrative system with channel RO modules ...

Kick-off del proyecto LIFE SPOT

The LIFE SPOT project starts: Green solutions for treating Groundwater pollution to meet drinking water Directive standards It has the objective of developing a system, which combines the action of algae and bacteria with cork, to reduce nitrates, pesticides and pollutants by up to 80% emerging from groundwater. The consortium of ...
infiltration rafts Sant Vicenç dels Horts PROTECMED

PROTECMED carries out the construction management of the infiltration rafts of Sant Vicenç dels Horts for the ACA

PROTECMED ends the Construction Management and the guarantee period of the Sant Vicenç dels Horts infiltration ponds for the Catalan Water Agency. In 2010 the rafts were put into operation within the framework of the European project LIFE + ENSAT (“Enhancement of ...
sewage treatment plant

PROTECMED designs and builds a treatment plant for leachate treatment

PROTECMED carries out the design, construction and commissioning of a sewage treatment plant with a capacity of 100 m3 / d. The process consists of a BRM biological system with ultrafiltration membranes, followed by a physical-chemical treatment such as ...

PROTECMED endorses European project LIFE + RELEACH

Start of the LIFE + RELEACH project together with CTM, TYPSA, the Catalan Waste Agency and the Bages Consortium. The current leachate management processes consume a large amount of energy and chemical reagents, causing a high environmental and economic impact. East...

PROTECMED Expands Headquarters

We have doubled the head offices surfece in same building in Sant Cugat del Vallès changing Office No. 16 to no. 1 of the plant in INBISA building

PROTECMED opens branch in Ecuador

We have created a branch of PROTECMED in the city of Quito, with the intention of initiating activity in Ecuador and from there to other American countries.