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Landfill leachate treatment

We are specialized in the treatment of complex water and leachate from landfills, recycling centers, composting and waste treatment plants and livestock farms Manure. In this field, we offer the most suitable process depending on leachate to be treated and especially on landfill requirements
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Wastewater treatment

Our experience allows us to offer the best available technology based on the type of waste water, either urban or industrial origin; we size, design, build and operate the proposed solution if necessary. Our process lines may contain the following units according treat the water to be treated
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Water Purification

All waters may be unfit for human consumption, only the appropriate process or combination of processes for purification be applied. Our experience in this field allows us to offer the best solution for each case depending on the origin of the waters.
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leached osmosis
PROTECMED realiza la puesta en marcha de la planta de tratamiento de residuos líquidos y lixiviados generados en el Complejo Medioambiental de CMR de la Mancomunidad del Este en Loeches. El sistema de tratamiento consiste en una primera fase físico-química seguida de un sistema concentrativo por osmosis inversa de dos etapas con módulos de OI de canal... Read More →