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Reverse Osmosis

PROTECMED uses open channel modules exclusively designed for landfill leachate treatment, with their respectiveworldwide patents. The advantage of this module is that is able to resist irreversible fouling of membranes during the osmosis process. This involves making a fine adjustment of all input parameters of the raw water, the correct dosage of chemicals and the maintenance of the entire process under control.

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Electrodialysis Reversal EDR

Electrodialysis (ED) is an electrochemical separation process in which ions are transferred through the selective membrane from a less concentrated solution to a more concentrated solution as a result of a potential difference between two electrodes. The reversibility of the process causes the system to be more efficient and the need for cleaning of the membranes is decreased.

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Compact plants

We are specialized in designing and construction of compact plants, with suitable sizes for transport by road and sea, built and tested in our workshops, ready to send to its final location, connect and operate within few days. The compact plants are built fully automated, including a remote control program for better operation and technical assistance.

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The SBR (English, Sequencing Batch Reactor) type reactors biological reactors are working in discontinuous, with the particularity that all processes are conducted in the same tank. Thus, in this reservoir it must feed, the reaction stages, decanting and emptying. Such reactors are particularly suitable for applications where flexibility is needed in the operation, either by variations in flow rate or concentration of the wastewater.

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The treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater is often characterized by demanding large areas and the construction of tanks. Besides, there are several problems associated with water treatment plants, such as as the variability in the peak-flow and pollutant loads to be treated, yield of debugging, formation of odors, phenomena of floating overflow, etc.

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