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PROTECMED ha realizado el diseño, la ingeniería de detalle, suministro, montaje y puesta en marcha de la planta depuradora residuos líquidos y lixiviados generados en el Complejo Medioambiental de Gestión de Residuos de la Mancomunidad del Este en Loeches. El sistema de tratamiento consiste en una primera fase físico química seguida de un sistema concentrativo de osmosis inversa de dos etapas con módulos de OI de canal abierto.

leached osmosis

The feed pumping, homogenization and neutralization tank, physical-chemical treatment, DAF dissolved air float, APQ tank of concentrated sulfuric acid, containerized Reverse Osmosis plant and degassing tower have been supplied. Reverse Osmosis features automatic sand filtration, cartridge filtration, high pressure pumps, membrane cleaning system, and two complete leachate and permeate stages.

The treatment plant has a hydraulic capacity of up to 150 m3 / day, which will make it possible to treat all the leachate and other liquid waste generated by the Loeches CMR.

As a manufacturer PROTECMED has used the best materials and the best quality equipment. The electrical panel, the operating logic and all the PLC programming have been designed and implemented by PROTECMED technicians.

The treatment plant built has the following advantages:

  • Compact system, built and fully factory tested.
  • Since the process of separation of pollutants by reverse osmosis is physical, this plant has great stability and flexibility in the face of variations that may occur in the quality of the leachate and other AARRs to be treated, as long as the requirements are not exceeded. critical limits of the process.
  • The use of "open channel" osmosis modules makes it impossible for irreversible fouling to accumulate on the membranes during the process, as long as the system works with the appropriate pressure, pH, performance and chemical cleaning parameters.
  • Los principales parámetros de operación de la planta son controlados automáticamente por el PLC: presión, temperatura, pH, conductividad y caudal. En continuo y también de forma remota es posible en todo momento conocer la situación de la máquina y controlar su funcionamiento. Es posible la visualización on-line del estado de todo el sistema y parámetros de control, seguimiento de la operación de la planta a través de históricos, modificación de las consignas de funcionamiento cuando sea necesario, notificación de alarmas y registro de datos.
  • The quality of the permeate, the treated water, will always be excellent, regardless of the load variations that the osmosis modules receive. This treated water can be recovered and reused for various uses within the CMR.

leached osmosis