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We are specialized in designing and construction of compact plants, with suitable sizes for transport by road and sea, built and tested in our workshops, ready to send to its final location, connect and operate within few days. The compact plants are built fully automated, including a remote control program for better operation and technical assistance.

We build treatment plants with different technologies depending on the type of water and discharge requirements.

For industrial and urban watewters:

- Plants with conventional lamellar settling. - SBR (Sequential Biological Reactors) with vertical or horizontal arrangement, versatile against load variations. - MBR (Membrane Bioreactors) when space is limited or higher quality of the effluent is required.

Plants for drinking water:

- Conventional plants or with ultrafiltration, nanofiltration or reverse osmosis membranes, depending on the origin of water plants. For removal of metals, viruses, bacteria and toxic components.

For leachates form landfill or waste treatment centers:

- Containerized plants with open channel reverse osmosis technology specially designed for leachate treatment.