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We are specialized in the treatment of complex wastewaters as Landfill Leachate , Ecoparks, composting plants and waste treatment plants, as well as Manure livestock farms.

In this field, we offer the most appropriate process according to the leachate characteristics and waste discharge requirements: conventional Activated sludge treatments, SBR or MBR with or without tertiary systems up to concentrative solutions such as Disc Tube reverse osmosis (DT), Space Tube reserve osmosis (ST), evaporation technologies, energization …etc.

In most cases, due to the area where landfills are located, effluents are discharge into public water channel, therefore it is indispensable a treatment by reverse osmosis to remove the leachate’s salts concentration. Landfill leachates have different characteristics depending on the time of year, rainfall and age of the landfill, so the water treatment should be designed considering all those factors. PROTECMED can provide a reverse osmosis specially as "single treatment" designed for this type of leachate. We serve it in containerized plants or mounted in skids surface to install inside a building; we work for major waste managers, having more than 20 references in the Spanish market in this field.